Your exhibition and company can be the talk of the town!

Customised solution to meet your needs

Exhibitions / Trade Shows

Disappointed with the Level of Interest Shown at Your Last Exhibition/Trade Show?

Did you spend lots of money and ‘get nowhere’?

It’s a common problem, but next time it will be different! How?

Book Andre Hermanus, mentalist/magician for your exhibition and your company will literally be the talk of the town!


Unique and Magical Approach

Andre’s unique and magical approach ensures that:

Your stand or booth will attract visitors and the crowds will literally appear as if by ‘magic’ How? By providing astonishment and interactive magic

His goal is to fill that open space in front of your booth and ensure that visitors don’t avoid your stand

Crowds at your booth will mean potential leads

Deliver your message in a memorable way – how? By incorporating and/or weaving your message or product into the magic. This is often referred to as branding magic

More leads at your trade show, translates to more sales

Remember you’re competing with all the usual trade show giveaways such as gifts, vouchers, games, lights & music. Sure, nothing draws in more people than “free gifts” however, that’s what everyone else is going to do too. Some tradeshows are so packed with the usual ‘gimmicks’ that people are literally bored with the ‘usual.’

So when they see Andre working and drawing attention they will stop to see what is happening and consequently stop at your booth to find out more. So why go to the expense of creating branded gadgets to attract customers, only to have them leave once they get their “free” gift?

Coda: It doesn’t matter in what manner you collect leads at a tradeshow – the average expected leads-to-sales ratio is in the order of 1-in-15. However, because of the attention and excitement Andre is able to deliver will translate into more leads at your trade show which translates to more sales.


Ten traps most exhibitors fall into by Susan Friedmann, the Trade Show Coach

“Failing to give visitors an incentive to visit your stand; whatever promotional vehicles you use make sure that you give visitors a reason to come and visit you.

With a hall overflowing with fascinating products and services, combined with time constraints, people need an incentive to come and visit your stand.

First and foremost their primary interest is in what’s new! They are eager to learn about the latest technology, new applications, or anything that will help save them time and/or money.

Even if you don’t have a new product or service to introduce, think about a new angle from which to promote your offerings.”