Psychic and alternative type magic with a touch of comedy

Forget what you know about the real world…

Stand-up Magic

Andre Hermanus stimulates the imagination of audiences everywhere with his unique and refreshing magical presentations.

He combines psychology, science, drama, people skills, and digital dexterity into his performances to highlight the impossible.

His show constitutes psychic and alternative type magic with a touch of comedy.


Suitable for corporate functions, trade shows, luncheons & more

Andre’s platform/stand-up show is suitable for corporate functions, trade shows, luncheons, seminars, conventions, product launches, golfing events, 40/50th birthdays, et al.

Andre has the ability to touch an audience on an emotional level thereby transforming the moment into an unforgettable experience.

The entire audience will be involved in some truly interactive segments. Andre pushes the boundaries of reality into something fictional.

Show Requirements


Andre will prefer to discuss the show with you to ensure it meets your needs

PA system with a Madonna styled microphone for events with more than 100 people

If more than 100 people then Andre can provide his own PA system

Platform or stage not an absolute necessity if it’s a small group

Show length 20 -45 minutes