With 30 years of entertainment experience, Andre has the ability to cater for all individual tastes.

Magic equates to perceptual manipulation

Close-up Magic

Whether your guests are seated or standing Andre mingles with your guests evoking memorable moments.

Since the magic happens up close and personal this genre of magic can be powerful.

Like fear, astonishment is a state of mind

Platform and close-up magic services

The advantages of close-up magic are:

Direct interaction with the guests

A great ice-breaker

Any length of performance time

No bulky props

No microphone or stage required

What to do about entertainment?

Huge sums of money are shelled out at events for food, beverages, and venue.

But that leaves one thing – what to do about entertainment?

There is a DJ but the music can make a venue so impersonal and loud, distracting from conversation and the purpose of the event.

Moreover, all of these ideas are played out, nothing breaks new ground.

No one will leave your event saying they experienced something different or memorable.

The wow factor is lacking.

Why not let your guests rediscover wonder with the aid of close-up magic.