About Andre Hermanus

What is seen is a blend of reality, imagination, and impossibility.

Early beginnings:

At the age of six Andre had a brief interest in magic, but due to a lack of resources his interest waned – it resurfaced in 1987.

In 1997 he had a five year hiatus in magic due to studies towards his business administration degree. Around 2004 he transitioned from a hobbyist to a part-time professional magician.

His very first gig was through an agent who booked him to perform close-up magic at Zwartkops Raceway. In 2015, after a lucrative 36 year career, he left engineering to pursue his passion in magic and mentalism.

Andre has a degree in business administration and a diploma in electrical engineering and previously worked as an operational specialist/team leader for a large ICT Company as a digital network engineer.

He has attended and completed various training modules ranging from embedded software design, coaching, to leadership skills.

This together with his experience as a practitioner of magic since 1987 equips him with a thorough understanding of the corporate environment and sensitivity towards people.

Andre was the runner up in the South African Magic championships 2008. He is a member of the Inner Circle and a licensed radio amateur affiliated to the South African Radio League.


Runner up in the South African magic championships

Andre was the runner up in the South African magic championships 2008, in the category Close-up magic. He is a member of the Inner Circle.

As such, he has a sincere desire to entertain in a manner that is most effective for the total enjoyment of the audience.

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At the Business of the Year Awards

Andre Hermanus providing the corporate entertainment : Business of the Year Awards.

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