Wedding Magician

What makes a wedding event memorable?

Essentially it’s a memory hook whereby emotions are coupled to certain aspects of an event.

Here’s a test – which is easier to remember? An exciting, wonderful or traumatic experience from your childhood, or what you ate for lunch last Friday? Which memory is more vivid?

Unless you have a very unique brain, or a plane crashed two blocks away while you were having lunch last Friday, the childhood memory is probably the easiest to recall, even though it was much farther in the past.

Weddings are truly magical events of love. But one thing can make them more magical: a magician.

In essence a wedding is theater. As such it needs to flow. There should be no dead time. Often this is not always the case. Whilst the bride and groom are busy with their photo shoot the guests are mulling around. Some are bored. Most likely, the people at your wedding don’t all know each other. Thus a wedding is either impressive or utterly boring.

As a bride or groom, you’re probably too busy or nervous to notice how your guests are fairing. Remember, your guests will very seldom have something negative to say about your wedding. It’s not often that guests are truthful about what they thought about your wedding.

A wedding function has its own unique memorable elements due to various emotions at play. Be it the décor, wedding dress, food, ambiance, etc. most guests will form a memory hook to this event, but here’s the problem – over time details of the event fades. Sure, a few guests will remember the food, décor, wedding dress, ambiance, but this will be a small percentage of the guests who were emotionally connected.

So what’s the best way to form an emotional attachment to an event?

Memory hooks! Emotional response triggers the memory of the event even after a long passage of time

Often magicians are approached by people from all age groups (10 – 80) relating a magic effect they vividly recalled performed by a family member or friend when they were very young – ages of four or five is not uncommon!

Brides and grooms often want entertainment at their wedding reception. There is usually a DJ at the reception. Hopefully the DJ is professional and truly understands the dynamics of a wedding reception. In addition, the music is not loud and impersonal and distracting from conversation. Despite the solo harpist/violinist adding to the ambiance they often, if not careful, dissipate into the background and become invisible. Moreover, all of these ideas are played out, nothing breaks new ground. No one will leave the event saying they experienced something different or memorable as far as entertainment is concerned.

Why not let your guests rediscover wonder with the aid of a magician/mentalist – either as close-up table-side magic or whilst the guests are standing mulling around. Wonder and laughter are the two emotions which act as memory hooks that enable the recall of a memorable occasion!

The feeling of impossibility is a fragile, ephemeral goal; when achieved, it is transitory, lasting only for an instant. But that sense of impossibility will long be remembered as a unique moment. If you wish to achieve a lasting impression at your wedding event, THINK MAGIC!